Fallout 4 update could jeopardize the Fallout London mod, although at first it suffers a release delay


Over the years we have seen that games like Skyrim or Fallout 4 have been ideal for creating content in the modding community. We have seen many interesting projects and we are talking about a very special one. But not for anything good, as it seems that the Fallout 4 update could jeopardize the Fallout London mod. An update that we have been waiting for years, and that finally materialized officially on the occasion of the peak of the franchise for the premiere of the series.

But if we have been happy to see how this update will boost the game to new resolutions, with visual improvements and 60fps, it seems that not everyone liked the news. From the team responsible for the Fallout London mod, this has been a major setback for them, being forced to make the decision to delay the release of this mod. And it’s not the first time, as they previously did so in order not to coincide with Starfield. Now we think they shouldn’t have done it.

The Fallout 4 update could jeopardize the Fallout London mod by affecting the Extended Script mod that enables it.

A mod that we have been seeing as one of the great initiatives of the mod community, taking Fallout 4 as the base game and taking it to a new location with a completely new story. Four years of development that seemed to be coming to an end until Bethesda announced this update. It did not seem serious, until it has been communicated that the release plans are altered and they must evaluate to what extent the update will jeopardize the work done.

The main aspect that would determine the seriousness of this situation is that the update to be released by Bethesda is mandatory. It is possible that it must be applied in order to be able to even run the game. And being an update that should optimize the construction and assets of the game in general, this condition should not be applied so happily in the case of PC. This has made the studio responsible for the mod suspect that the Fallout 4 update could jeopardize the Fallout London mod, because it could ruin some of the work in certain aspects.

The main one, refers to an option, the Fallout 4 Script Extended, which as a tool has allowed content creators to cover mods that add story expansions on the games already released, even to launch mods that look as if they were a standalone game. And this change would not only affect Fallout London, it could affect and render useless a lot of mods that have been applied to the game and are commonly used by many users.

La actualización de Fallout 4 podría poner en peligro el mod Fallout London, aunque de primeras sufre un retraso de su lanzamiento

Be that as it may, let’s hope that this setback can be solved with haste, since Fallout London was one of those mods that had a great support from the community. Likewise, for other mods that could be affected and that this update could render unusable.

We will be watching to see if Bethesda responds to this issue, as it may be something that has an early solution, although we have seen that Bethesda has always tried to avoid the spread of such tools to expand their own adventure.