Fallout 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series debuts with native version for both consoles

Fallout 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series has surprised everyone with a special premiere, and is that the Bethesda game had this ace up his sleeve to also promote the premiere of the Fallout series on Prime Video, whose first chapter we can see for free on Twitch.

Well, Fallout 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series will have its own native version of the game, the update will be completely free for all those players who already have the game in the previous versions of PS4 and Xbox One respectively.

This new version gives us:

  • Support for 60 fps gameplay.
  • Higher resolutions supported.
  • Performance and bug fixes in the game.
  • Support for wide and ultra wide screens on PC.
  • Improvements in the community creation kit.

So if you were thinking of enjoying this post-apocalyptic adventure again, this is the moment you were waiting for. We invite you to take a look at all the details about the Bethesda franchise on our website.

  • April 25, 2024 is the release date of this update on – PS5 and Xbox X|S Series.