Everything you need to know about Dawntrail: Final Fantasy XIV&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17131629808217;s new expansion

At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2024 event, director and producer Naoki Yoshida revealed exciting details of the Dawntrail expansion. Among the new features is the Pictomante craft, a ranged DPS who uses a specialized paintbrush and combined ether to bring his creations to life, including creatures, weapons and landscapes.

In addition, the playable hrothgar race , in its female variant, will be introduced in Dawntrail. Originally from Ilsabard, these feline humanoids have a connection to the Xbr&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17131629808217;aal and are distinguished by their slender muscular build and penchant for leadership.

The expansion also introduces new locations, such as Solution Nine, a city with imposing buildings of a unique civilization, and Heritage Found, a region brimming with lightning-fast energies. Raids such as The Arcadion and Futures Rewritten, an ultimate raid, will be introduced. In addition, Cosmic Exploration offers lifestyle content, and Trainer, a new limited craft, joins the offer.

The crossover mission with Final Fantasy XVI, called The Path Infernal, will launch in early April 2024, as announced at the event. In addition, Dawntrail will carry with it the game&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17131629808217;s first graphical update, improving the resolution of textures, shadows and the quality of materials to modernize Final Fantasy XIV.

The game, which recently reached 30 million players, will also expand to Xbox Series with the first open beta scheduled for February. Patch 6.55, which will be released on January 16, will include updates such as the continuation of the main scenario Growing Light (part 2), More Adventures of Hildibrand and a new trial titled The Gilded Araya.