Epic Games Store’s fourth mystery game available ahead of time


The Epic Games Store’s mystery games are one of the most important Christmas promotions every year. Although it seemed that at first the company was going to carry out its star promotion in a very different way from other years, since between the first and the second game had to spend a full week, it seems that the “normality” of the mystery games system is back to stay, since another game is going to arrive today, after the arrival of Melvor Idle yesterday.

This time, there was no need to even wait for the Epic Games team to make official what the fourth mystery game on the Epic Games Store is. Thanks to the leak of Billbil-kun, we have been able to know that the fourth title that we will get totally free for this Christmas campaign will be none other than Art of Rally, a game quite usual in Epic’s promotions, and that have disappointed a little the fans who were expecting a great AAA.

Art of Rally is the fourth mystery game on the Epic Games Store.

art of rally, from the creator of Absolute Drift, is a stylized experience inspired by the golden age of rallying. Race around the world in stylized and colorful environments from an overhead view. Compete for the top spot in the rankings with daily and weekly challenges – will you master the art of rallying? Enjoy the golden age of rallying in Career mode with 78 stages, from Finland to Sardinia, Norway, Japan, Germany, Kenya and Indonesia.

With options for beginners and driving modes that will test the most experienced drivers, players will be able to compete on the circuits using their favorite rally tricks: the Scandinavian shake, counter-steering, braking with the left foot, using the handbrake in the curves. Write your name at the top of the rankings with daily and weekly challenges.

As with yesterday’s game, this is not as interesting a game as what might have been expected, or what we have seen in other years. However, those who have tried it say that it is a really entertaining game, even if it is far from what we could have expected. Be that as it may, go get it before it’s gone in the next few hours.