Epic Games reverses course and will also end up giving away this leaked collection a few days ago

If there is something Epic Games has is that every week it has bet on giving us new titles completely free to claim for a limited time. While about a week ago we learned firsthand that the platform was planning to give away a known franchise from the world of Bethesda, in the end they backed off on the decision.

So we were left without being able to claim some titles of the Fallout saga. Well, it seems that from Epic Games have changed their mind and finally we will be able to claim some of these titles for PC in the coming months. Here you have all the details:

  • Epic Games has rectified again. While in the near past it admitted that Fallout would not be available to claim for free, it has now announced that the promotion will be activated again.
  • However, we don’t yet have a date determined for it.
  • It is known that it will arrive sometime in 2025.

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics B will be the titles available in this new promotion that will arrive throughout the year. Now we just have to wait and enjoy in the meantime the free games currently on Epic Games Store.