Epic Games has revealed what Club Fortnite members will receive during January 2024


Epic Games has revealed what Club Fortnite members will receive during January 2024, and it hasn&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;t left anyone indifferent. It is a very complete package that includes an exclusive skin, a pass from another popular game and several additional benefits. Do you want to know more? Read on and we&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;ll tell you all the details. Club Fortnite is a monthly subscription option that gives players access to unique content and exclusive perks. For a price of $11.99 per month, subscribers receive a new and different skin, 1000 PaVos (the in-game currency), the current season&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;s Battle Pass and other surprise gifts every month.

For the month of January, the skin of choice is that of Silas Hesk, a mysterious and elegant character who comes with his own backpacking accessory, pickaxe and wrapper. But that&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;s not all, as Fortnite Club members will also receive the Rocket League season pass, which will give them access to more than 200 rewards within the title. For its part, Rocket League is another Epic Games title that has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;s also free. With the Rocket Pass, players will be able to customize their vehicles and unlock exclusive cosmetic items.

Epic Games ha revelado lo que recibirán los miembros del Club Fortnite durante enero de 2024

Epic Games has revealed what Fortnite Club members will receive during January 2024.

In addition, subscribers who have not purchased the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 1 will receive it for free when they join the Fortnite Club. And those who have already purchased it, will receive a refund of 950 PaVos. They will then be able to enjoy all the season&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;s new releases, the Ninja Turtles, Solid Snake, Peter Griffin and the Marvel and Star Wars characters that always return to the store. If that wasn&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158217;t enough, Fortnite Club members will also have the opportunity to unlock the Skull Scout skin and the Grim Reconning legacy set, which are part of a series of special rewards given for maintaining the subscription for several months.

These legacy sets have several levels, and each month you advance one more, giving you access to more styles and items. As you can see, the January Club Fortnite bundle is one of the most attractive offered so far, and is sure to delight fans of the game. If you want to take advantage of this offer, you still have time to subscribe and get all these benefits &https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135281158211; what are you waiting for? Join the Fortnite Club and enjoy the best gaming experience!