Elden Ring and a secret uncovered after more than 2 years

Elden Ring is an immense game in terms of story, lore, secrets and mysteries. In fact it is the cornerstone of From Software ‘s games , as it has explored the Souls genre in the open world format like never before with any other Souls title in history.

Well, it’s been over 2 years since the release of Elden Ring and it seems that the mysteries and secrets surrounding the title are slowly unraveling. After more than 2 years, here’s what the community has discovered:

Miyazaki has addressed directly to the players, in whom he places his “trust” so that they know all the mysteries and secrets that make up the title that took the GOTY 2022 for best game of the year. One of these secrets is the one we link below:

I played this game for 250 hours so far and this is the first time i heard this dialogue
byu/shiro_tanzanite inEldenring

This shows that Elden Ring is full of secrets, many of which have already been unearthed, but many others are still buried under layers and layers of content, stories and secrets that even today, are still undeciphered.