EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: The reason behind why so many free packs are being given away for free

EA Sports FC 24 is being one of the most successful sports games in recent years. And it is that Electronic Arts has managed to fit perfectly among that niche of football-loving gamers who wanted a full and immersive experience that succeeded and surpassed the FIFA franchise.

Well, apart from this, it seems that these days we have been receiving some notifications from players, who have confessed that EA Sports FC 24 is giving away free packs. Although until recently we did not know the reasons behind this situation.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team sufrirá cambios en este SBC

  • Everything seems to be related to +84 player booster packs. Envelopes that were given previously in the game.

And that by a programming error did not give all the rewards in full, and the way to remedy this failure by Electronic Arts, has been to give away envelopes and players on average +84 to all “affected”. Although at the moment we have no confirmation orofficial information from EA about it.