Dragon Ball Super: The 101st chapter of the manga leaked

Dragon Ball Super continues to be one of the most important franchises in the world of anime and manga. In fact, we have already been able to see and receive new unique data from the 101st chapter of the manga that is currently still in circulation. Manga readers will know that Dragon Ball continues to be one of the main options to which the reading public, avid for new content of the work initiated in the past by Akira Toriyama, turns to.

That is why through social networks and the internet, we have seen some very important details of the 101st chapter of Dragon Ball Super and the manga. In this post we will not offer you the panels out of respect for the original work, but we will give you some details of what the next episode of the work has in store for us.

*We invite you to read the manga when it is published. Just read this post if you prefer to know in advance some sketches of what awaits you in the 101st chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.

Dragon Ball Super: El capítulo 101 del manga filtrado

The chapter is centered around Trunks and Goten, who will continue as the main characters of the current arc. Similarly, Vegeta and Broly will also appear in a very special training. Also during the course of the chapter we see how Gohan’s Ki develops.

And likewise, during the pages of the chapter, we will see that both Vegeta and Goku are able to detect such power. While other media share the leaked panels and pages of the next chapter, from Ocio#ParaTi we limit ourselves to quote you the source at the end of this post. As well as to give you a very brief description of what you can expect in the 101st chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

We also invite you to see the following entries from the world of anime in Ocio#ParaTi:

Chapter 101 of the manga will finally connect both the line seen in the animation, as well as the one we have been seeing continuously in the manga chapters. We invite you to leave your thoughts in comments.

Links to the leaked panels right here below: