Dragon Ball Super: Goku and Gohan&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17139050978217;s fight determines the universe&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17139050978217;s strongest warrior

Dragon Ball Super is one of the most beloved series in the entertainment world, and is just about perfect for most DB fans. After the passing of Akira Toriyama, we set out to better inform you of his world, his legacy, and all that he could have continued to leave us in the entertainment industry and general entertainment, as well as Toyotaro&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17139050978217;s continuation.

In Dragon Ball Super we had the pleasure of seeing one of the most anticipated fights. That of Gohan versus Goku, which would determine which is the strongest warrior in the universe. Although we still have some doubts to resolve, the truth is that this fight has been splendid.

Dragon Ball Super: La pelea de Goku y Gohan determina al guerrero más fuerte del universo

After this confrontation, we will be able to see who is the strongest character in the franchise currently. The battle took place between Goku Ultra Instinct and Gohan Ultimate, being at all times very even in skill and power.

However, and despite the fact that this is one of Goku&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17139050978216;s most powerful transformations, it would not be the most powerful he can transform into, so we can deduce that he is not using 100% of his power against Gohan.

We will be able to see all this in chapter 102 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

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