Double Eleven helped Obsidian to port Grounded on PlayStation


Last week, Microsoft finally confirmed the rumors that some of its games would reach the catalog of the competition. Although many predicted that there would be many games that would take this course, finally the Redmond finally assured that only 4 games would come to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, and that there would be no more cases outside of those four titles.

Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Pentimen and Grounded are the games that will come to the rest of the platforms, and we have already known some details of some of these. For example, it has been confirmed that both Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment will have physical editions created by Limited Games Run. And in the last few hours, we have also learned which studio has been helping Obsidian with Grounded on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

The port of Grounded on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch is being done by Double Eleven.

It has been the British team of Double Eleven that has been helping the creators of Fallout New Vegas or Pillars of Eternity, among others, to make its port for competing consoles. This has been announced by the studio itself through its official X profile (Twitter), where they have confirmed that they added Obsidian Entertainment as partners, and that they were helping them in their version of Grounded on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

It should be remembered that, according to rumors, Microsoft had not had access to the PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch development kits. Therefore, the company&;s own teams, as is the case of Obsidian Entertainment, had not had the chance to work with them. This has made it completely necessary to go to a third party to try to make their ports, and those in Redmond have chosen to bet on Double Eleven, a studio that has worked on games like Red Dead Redemption remaster, Rust Console Edition or Fallout 76.

It will be next April 16, 2024 when we will be able to appreciate what the studio&;s work looks like, as this will be the date on which we will see Grounded on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.