DanMachi Season 5 Premiere Date: Details and More

Many anime fans have been keeping track of DanMachi Season 5. Well, for those who have been looking forward to it, we now have a specific date to mark on the calendar.

We are talking about the premiere date of DanMachi Season 5, which will give us a lot of fun, entertainment, and will immerse us in a whole spiral of plot twists, drama and new characters that will weave a continuation worthy of one of the most special anime of 2024.


AIR has informed about the premiere of DanMachi Season 5:

The fall quarter of 2024 is the time slot chosen for the new season of DanMachi to premiere. Several fans are looking forward to the premiere, although at the moment we do not have an exact day marked on the calendar, so it is somewhat difficult for us to predict which day will be the right one.

This information will be available in the future.