Cliff Bleszinski issues statement against Microsoft over Gears of War deal

5Despite leaving Microsoft and the franchise years ago, Cliff Bleszinski has always been connected to the franchise that launched him to stardom. In fact, many fans of the franchise have continued to ask the developer what would be his way forward for the franchise, who some time ago assured that what it needed was a reboot in the style of the one God of War suffered.

In addition, the last time he was asked about this question Bleszinski said that it would be interesting to see a survival-horror franchise set in D-Day, an option that was very popular among fans. However, it seems that right now all controversy between Cliff Bleszinski and Gears of War is going to end. The creative has posted through his X account a statement about the current situation with Microsoft and the saga he saw born.

comunicado Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski shares a harsh statement.

“Look, we’ve talked about this a million times, about Gears,” Bleszinksi begins in his statement. “I’m willing to advise. I give my opinion. Crickets. I understand that Gears will always be an important part of my legacy. I appreciate it and respect it. OK. It is what it is. If they were smart, they’d ask my opinion because from a PR standpoint alone it would be gold. But nothing. Well, it is what it is. So be it.”

In this way Bleszinski wanted to put an end to everything related to the Gears of War saga. In fact, he has assured that he is now completely focused on a new path, which right now has to do with the world of comics. However, he wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the fans for the wonderful support he has received all these years for his great work with the Gears franchise. However, unless the situation changes completely, we will not see Cliff again with anything related to the saga.