Classroom of the Elite: where to watch chapter 09×03

The latest episode of &;Classroom of the Elite&; has been a whirlwind of excitement, with the expulsion trial reaching its conclusion and leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Ayanokoji, with his trademark cunning, has managed to save both Ichinose and Ryuen, surprising everyone with his strategic moves.

Now, with the threat of expulsion overcome, attention turns to the next challenge facing Ayanokoji: the mysterious message sent by Sakayanagi. Fans of the anime are eager to find out what this new plot twist will reveal.

For those eagerly awaiting the next episode, here are the details of when and where you can watch it: Episode 9 of season 3 of the anime will premiere on Wednesday, February 28. The times vary according to location: at 16:00 in Spain, 9:00 am in Mexico, 10:00 am in Colombia, 11:00 am in Venezuela, 12:00 pm in Chile and 12:00 pm in Argentina. The episode will be available through the &;Classroom of the Elite&; tab on Crunchyroll.