Cheaters&; days are numbered in Overwatch 2, at least on consoles


Overwatch 2, the long-awaited sequel to Blizzard&;s popular first-person shooter, has some good news for console players: it has set an expiration date for cheaters. This was announced by executive producer Jared Neuss, who revealed some of the changes that will be implemented to improve the gaming experience on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. According to Neuss, one of the main problems affecting Overwatch 2 on console is the use of XIM adapters, which allow you to gain an unfair advantage over those using the traditional controller.

Blizzard considers this cheating, but so far has been unable to detect or prevent such devices. However, that is about to change. Neuss has stated that Blizzard has been working on a way to identify and block XIM users, although he did not elaborate on this. He has also acknowledged that Overwatch 2&;s overall usability on console needs improvement, and that tweaks will be made to the game&;s performance, design and interface.

The days of cheaters are numbered in Overwatch 2, at least on consoles.

Neuss summed up Blizzard&;s intentions with Overwatch 2 on console: &;We know where the problems are. I think there are two broad categories. One is, are people using devices like XIM, and how do we get around that, and how do we make the game a great experience on console? The other is, how do we make the game more accessible, easier to use, and more fun for all console players?&;

These statements are a sign of Blizzard&;s commitment to console gamers, who have often felt ignored or relegated to PC gamers. Last year, Blizzard already took a step in that direction by including console players in Overwatch 2 beta testing, something it had not done before. With these changes, Overwatch 2 aims to offer a fairer, smoother and more satisfying gaming experience for all fans of the game, regardless of their platform of choice.