Chapter 376 of Berserk: Finally we have it complete and with a theoretical release window.

Chapter 376 of Berserk has brought headaches to many fans over the months. And it is not for less since it has suffered certain delays that have led to doubts to many readers about its continuation. But if something has amazed us these days, is that we already have the theoretical release date of the new chapter of the Berserk manga.

The main in charge of the assistant team at Studio Gaga, has shared through “X” new important details about the premiere of this chapter of Miura ‘s work. And is that it has finally been completed after several delays and we will have them available in a few days.

Capítulo 376 de Berserk: Por fin lo tenemos completo y con ventana teórica de estreno

In fact in the post we have seen how one of the main figures in charge of continuing with the manga of Berserk, has joked saying that we will have the episode available before the Elden Ring DLC comes out, which let’s remember will come out the month of June 2024.

So one thing is clear and that is that the theoretical release window for Berserk Chapter 376 and its manga, will arrive between March-June this 2024. Although we would be surprised if it takes longer than March. Although time will eventually give us more information.