Chainsaw Man: Reze Arc is confirmed as an official movie and here are the details

Chainsaw Man: Reze Arc was confirmed a few days ago as an official movie, and being one of the most important news in the anime world, we believe it is timely to bring you a unique window of information to see all the details we can expect about the film.

The Chainsaw Man movie has undoubtedly landed in style, and the hype surrounding it has been incredibly extensive and amplified. No wonder considering that we already know unique features and even have a poster and official promotional content.

The next arc of the manga will begin with ananimated film adaptation, a format that more and more series and franchises are joining. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work is a true international success and the same or more is expected from the movie.

We have finally been able to get a direct glimpse of what we can expect from the next film and find out if Denji will finally fulfill his “dream”. We still have no information regarding the release date of the film, but if we are optimistic it will surely arrive somewhere in the middle of 2024, or maybe for the fall anime season of that year.

It will have a quality at the level of what we saw in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and will take to a new limit the artistic quality that MAPPA has in productions of this style.