Call of Duty: This player completed 56 contracts in a unique game that has left fans in shock

Call of Duty is a franchise that continues to surprise, and it is partly thanks to the community behind it. As in the case of this player, who has managed to complete up to 56 contracts in a single game that has perplexed more than one.

The Call of Duty saga has been with us for a long time, but Warzone is relatively new in time. And yet players are able to continue to surprise us through this part of the title. Here are all the details:

56 contracts in one game
byu/South-Golf-2327 inCODZombies

As we have been able to see in the post shared on Reddit, it seems that the image shared by this player is real, as strange as it may seem. In fact we can see among the statistics that he has shot down more than 2000 zombies in a single encounter.

Numbers that far exceed the normal average of the community. This player specified in the post that to get this huge amount of contracts and experience, he formed his usual team and then joined another trio of players.