Boruto and its final battle fails to convince fans

Chapter #5 of the manga “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” has generated disappointment among fans. Thanks to show the humiliating defeat of Sasuke Uchiha at the hands of Code. This plot event, fans, consider Sasuke’s defeat to be disrespectful to this iconic character of the series.

In the development of the final battle, Code manages to defeat Sasuke without apparent effort, generating discontent among fans. They do not see Code as a villain powerful enough to defeat the prominent Uchiha shinobi. The way in which the defeat is presented, off-screen and without a thorough approach to the fight, has been criticized as disrespectful to Sasuke’s legacy.

Boruto y su batalla final no convence a los fans

Although the manga has focused the plot on the new generation of shinobi, with Boruto as a powerful ninja trained by Sasuke, the way the latter’s defeat has been handled has caused annoyance among older fans. Some feel that this was the perfect time to elevate the villain Code’s reputation and make him a more formidable antagonist in the series.

Despite the controversy, it is noted that Sasuke’s defeat has plot implications by suggesting that the new generation of ninjas. Which could surpass the iconic Uchiha shinobi and his partner Naruto in power. While some fans express disappointment in the treatment of Sasuke in the series, they acknowledge that this decision could contribute to the plot development and character evolution in “Two Blue Vortex.”