Blizzard games to return to China after reconciliation between Microsoft Gaming and NetEase


All’s well that ends well and the rumors have come true.

Microsoft Gaming and NetEase have signed an agreement that will make Blizzard Entertainment games available again in China. This brings to an end a breakup that occurred after 14 years of partnership, which marks a new chapter in the relationship between the two companies and promises to bring back some of the most beloved titles to Chinese gamers.

After their split in 2022, fans of games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft or Hearthstone have been waiting for the day when they could enjoy these titles again on their local platforms. The agreement between Microsoft Gaming and NetEase not only makes this wish come true, but also opens the door to future collaborations that could bring more Chinese titles to Microsoft platforms.

Los juegos de Blizzard volverán a China tras la reconciliación entre Microsoft Gaming y NetEase 43

William Ding (CEO NetEase), Johanna Faries (President Blizzard), Phil Spencer (CEO Microsoft Gaming)

A partnership that opens up the future of gaming in China.

The publishing agreement covers a wide range of titles spanning the Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and StarCraft universes. These games are expected to return sequentially starting in the summer, with World of Warcraft leading the way due to its immense popularity in China. Diablo and Hearthstone are also highly anticipated titles for gamers in the Asian giant.

In addition to the renewed publishing agreement, Microsoft Gaming and NetEase have expressed interest in exploring new partnership opportunities. NetEase’s face-to-face expansion in the global gaming market and Microsoft’s commitment to delivering high-quality experiences to gamers around the world will mark the beginning of a promising strategic partnership.

With the resurgence of Blizzard games in China and the possibility of future collaborations between Microsoft Gaming and NetEase, the video game market in the republic is set to experience tremendous growth, but this deal will also end up positively impacting gamers in the Microsoft ecosystem worldwide.