Bethesda responds to Fallout 4 update and confirms it will push a new update next week


With all the Fallout hype from the TV series, coincidence would have it that the community returned to the wasteland to coincide with the Fallout 4 update for current consoles. Knowing that the Xbox version was not working properly, Bethesda responds for the Fallout 4 update and confirms that a new update will arrive next week to fix and add new features to the graphics.

Through a post published on the social network X, it has been confirmed that a new Fallout 4 update will arrive on May 13, seeking to resolve the inconsistencies that had been generated with the application of the expected new generation patch. But more than trying to correct, it is also intended to improve and add some things. The truth is that we would lack that information to be able to determine what things they are going to introduce.

Bethesda responde por la actualizaci贸n de Fallout 4 y confirma que har谩 llegar una nueva actualizaci贸n para la semana que viene

Bethesda responds for the Fallout 4 update, with a new one that will fix the problems and add new options.

But the most important thing of all is that Xbox users can really take full advantage of this update that was going to introduce many changes that would adapt the game to current consoles. It was some time later, when the community commented that something did not work between the options that prioritize performance or graphics, when it was actually notified that the Xbox version did not work that setting in the options menu.

And we can not deny that some time had already passed and Bethesda could have put a solution at the time they realized. Even, as has become a tradition and a routine that should not be maintained, there were also many bugs that this new Fallout 4 update should fix. In other words, what Beethesda has finally prepared for May 13 is not only a correction to enable that graphic mode that did not work on Xbox, but also to add other things that, for some reason, they did not introduce or detected previously .

Maybe the moment of success that the saga was living blinded them not to see that there were things that did not work. It was not properly tested. But in a way, they did not seem to be relevant, since the qualitative leap of the game in resolution and framerate was enough to enjoy one of those great adventures that Bethesda used to release. And maybe, given that we are talking about an extensive and high quality game saga, that moment of euphoria that the franchise lives for the premiere of the series will last.

In fact, we have to consider that, since then, mods for Fallout 4 have returned to be protagonists, even, that other initiatives such as Fallout 76 have also grown significantly and are preparing for an update that will expand the base map. Many already had these games and others, fortunately, may have taken advantage of the fact that they were at a greatly reduced price, even, have been given away for free by Amazon Prime Gaming .

Fallout is trending and it only remains to be seen if Bethesda isreally going to take the step of providing more resourcesso that the wait for the new game of the saga is not delayed as has been speculated.