Bethesda and plans for Starfield in 2024 have been unveiled by surprise

Starfield in 2024, will be a much better game than it is today. Or at least that’s the plan that Bethesda wants to follow. Although the title has managed to meet the expectations of some, it is true that it is still far from being a great title, as Skyrim was in its time.

Bethesda has remained somewhat anchored to the past of video games, being unable to make the next graphical, evolutionary and technical leap that the company needs to compete in today’s video game market. Starfield is the perfect example of a game that promised to be a lot and remained something normal.

Bethesda y los planes para Starfield en el 2024 han sido desvelados por sorpresa

That is why Starfield in 2024 will be full of updates and new interesting content to enhance the gaming experience. Starting in February 2024, updates to the title will be released, ranging from practical improvements, new functions, better performance and many more surprises.

  • New ways to travel and explore worlds will be added.
  • More customization of ships and characters.
  • New setting options to enhance the immersion of the game.
  • New survival and trading mechanics, and much more.

It seems that Bethesda doesn’t want to let go of Starfield and 2024 may finally be its year.