Berserk: The Black Swordsman and the anime project forged by fan passion

Berserk: The Black Swordsman is the project that everyone in the video game and anime industry is talking about. And the fact is that Kentaro Miura’s work has unfortunately never had an adaptation to match its immensity. And because no major studio wants to get into the dark world created by Miura, it is the fans who have decided to take that key step.

This year 2024 can be really unique, and not only because of the January anime releases we have just around the corner, but also because of projects like Berserk: The Black Swordsman, which promise a lot and are having a slow but very careful and neat development.

Studio Eclypse is the fan studio that wanted to take over the production of this anime (and also AOT NO Requiem). It will be animated in a classic way, without resorting to CGI. That is to say, all in 2D style, as most of the Berserk-loving community has been demanding for years.

Recently a new promotional image of the project was shared, which is gaining more and more attention. We at Nintenderos have been informing you for weeks/months about Berserk and what the future held for Kentaro Miura’s work. And it seems that the passion and talent of the fans aspires to give shape to this anime project. Do you have faith that it will go ahead?