Berserk 376 to arrive on April 26th

After months of waiting, the 376th chapter of the manga “Berserk” finally has a release date: April 26, 2024. The news comes as a relief for fans, who have faced a long wait and numerous delays. The information was revealed by MangaMogura, based on an official statement from Young Animal magazine.

This announcement has been received with enthusiasm by fans, as the lack of updates on the manga had generated uncertainty and disappointment. Chapter 376 will be accompanied by a color page, which adds an additional attraction for readers.

The wait has been especially hard given the irregular release schedule of “Berserk,” but fans can finally anticipate the continuation of Guts and company’s story. In addition, the first trailer for “Berserk: The Black Swordsman” was recently confirmed for release in May, adding to the excitement surrounding the franchise.

While the release of the 376th chapter of Berserk is good news, uncertainty persists regarding the manga’s 43rd volume, originally scheduled for 2024. Despite the lack of recent updates on this topic, fans hope that plans have not changed and await for more news in the coming months.