Berlin: The fashion series everyone’s talking about and some incredible curiosities

Berlin: Season 1 is being one of the trendy series of the last weeks, and the one that everyone is talking about within the industry of the series and the cinematic universe derived from La Casa de Papel. For those who do not know, we are talking about one of the most important productions in the field of Spanish cinema.

Berlin has consolidated since it began in 2024, in one of the most important series on Netflix, and in fact it is currently the most watched, being present in the Top 1 within the list of Top 10 most watched in Spain on Netflix. Something that fans and users of the platform in Spain, of course you already know.

Maybe you don’t know what Berlin is about, so in this post we will give you some curiosities about it that you should not overlook:

  • It is a prequel to La Casa de Papel, a great success in Spain in the field of series and movies.
  • Álex Pina is in charge of shaping the series, just as he did in La Casa de Papel.
  • Pedro Alonso returns to the role of Berlin to give us an unforgettable prequel.

Let us know what you think of the series so far.