Bandai Namco releases 3 free games and here you can get them for good

Bandai Namco releases 3 free games by surprise, and the community has been very surprised. Since it seems that these new games have been developed by new members of the company. Best of all, each one is different from the others, and here you can get them forever.

These games are based on projects by new employees, in collaboration with Phoenixx and Gyaar Studio. The 3 free games that we have at our disposal are:

Also remember that in order to enjoy these games already you have to:

  1. Have your Steam account active
  2. Log in from the web version or from the client downloaded on PC.
  3. Search for the game from the store, or through our direct links.
  4. Download it and add it to your library forever.

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A frantic platform game that will allow you to take action and adrenaline to the next level. We encourage you to add it to your Steam library now and immerse yourself in a unique and incredible adventure without spending a penny.


Where we will control a robot with the ability to hack others, climb walls and traverse incredible terrain and landscapes. The best of all is that we can download it for free on Steam:


This is one of the funniest and most peculiar games that Bandai Namco has offered us over the years. And being a novelty, it has managed to capture the attention of thousands of players in the last few hours. In this title we control a small dog pomeranian dog in his personal “fight” to completely dirty a house. An authentic doggy adventure totally free on Steam.

We encourage you to take advantage of this promotion to support artists and designers who are just starting their career in the complex world of online games. Would you like to leave us your favorite in the comments?

Bandai Namco publishes 3 free games, which one was your favorite?