Balatro receives its first major update with changes that even affect its engine.


The world of independent games always leaves us with unexpected surprises every year, and Balatro has been the biggest so far in 2024. The game has achieved public and critical acclaim beyond any doubt, with a playable proposal that has managed to captivate almost everyone. Well, the LocalThunk team announced a few days ago that it would release a major update to the game, and this has already arrived on Steam in its beta version.

The new Balatro update brings with it a lot of important changes and improvements. One of the most interesting aspects that have been produced have to do with the game engine, which has received a new version to achieve better performance on both Windows and Steam Deck. In addition, changes have also been included that affect the way of playing the game.


The new Balatro update is already available in its beta version.

To be able to enjoy the new Balatro update we have mentioned that it is necessary to have the beta version of the game, but, how can we get it? The process is really simple. We will only have to go to the game in our Steam library, right click on the title and choose “properties”. Once there, we go to the “Betas” section, select “Beta participation” and finally, choose “public_experimental”.

If you want to know everything included in the new title update, here are the changes that LocalThunk has confirmed will be applied to the title.

Notes of patch 1.0.1 of Balatro:

  • Updated version of Love2D: this fixed an issue in Windows and Steam Deck that caused poor or erratic performance for some players.
  • Added option for “Reduced Motion”, which removes the wavy background and spinning motion of the cards.
  • Changed the default tarot from Mad to Force (when all tarots are on screen).
  • Changed the random seeds in the gold bet: the first legendary joker of that seed is now guaranteed to be a joker that you didn’t win with in the gold bet (for the completist++ hunt).
  • The ante scale in the white bet has been changed:
    • Ante 3: 2800 -> 2000
    • Suede 4: 6000 -> 5000
  • Changed the ante scale on the green bet:
    • Ante 2: 1000 -> 900
    • Ante 3: 3200 -> 2400
    • Ante 4: 9000 -> 7000
  • Changed the ante scale on the purple bet:
    • Ante 2: 1200 -> 1000
    • Ante 3: 3600 -> 3000
    • Ante 4: 10000 -> 8000
    • Ante 5: 25000 -> 22000
  • Modified orange bet
    • Removed the increase of the package cost
    • Added new ‘Perishable’ mechanic, jokers have a 30% chance to have a ‘Perishable’ sticker, disabling them after 5 rounds.
  • Modified gold bet
    • Removed hand size at -1
    • Added new ‘Rent’ mechanic: jokers have a 30% chance of having a ‘Rent’ sticker (accumulates with eternal/perishable), making them cost $1 upfront and $3 each round.
  • Changed to apply to jokers in joker packs.
  • Changed the first store of each game to always include a regular joker pack as one of the pack options.
  • Next blinds/tags can now be seen in the store immediately after defeating a boss blind/collect.
  • Some blinds are now banned in challenge races: banned Crimson Heart, Verdant Leaf, and Amber Acorn in ‘Jokerless’ – banned Verdant Leaf in ‘Typecast’ – banned Verdant Leaf in ‘Non-Perishable’ – banned The Plant in ‘Mad World’
  • Improved Saturn
    • Now grants +3 mult instead of +2 mult for stairs.
  • Enhanced Neptune
    • Now grants +4 mult instead of +3 mult for Straight Flush.
  • Enhanced Eris
    • Now gives +50 tokens instead of +40 tokens for color five.
  • Enhanced Ceres
    • Now gives +4 mult instead of +3 mult for Flush House.
  • Changed the Uncommon tag: now releases the uncommon joker.
  • Changed the Rare tag: now makes the rare joker free.
  • Negative, Polychrome, Holo, Foil tags make their respective jokers free.
  • Reversal changed to give $25 instead of $15
  • Changed 8-ball: discarded previous effect, new effect -> 1 in 4 chance to generate a tarot when any played 8 is scored.
  • Blue seal changed: now creates the planet card of the last poker hand played during the round.
  • Both Crazy Joker and Ready changed: removed the “contains 4 of a kind” effect, now applies to any hand containing a “Double Pair”.
  • Yorick changed: old effect discarded, new effect > gains X1 mult every 23 cards discarded (starts at X1).
  • Changed Magician’s Tarot: now applies luck to 2 cards instead of 1
  • Changed Midas mask: now only applies gold upgrade to scoring figure cards, costs $7 before $6
  • Changed Vampire
    • Now only removes the enhancement from scoring cards.
    • gives X0.1 mult per upgrade instead of X0.2 mult
    • Rare instead of uncommon
  • Changed Insanity: now only applies on small/large blinds, not on boss blind selection.
  • Changed to-do list: poker hand no longer changes on payout, always changes at the end of the round (won’t get stuck on straight flush)
  • Changed Shortcut description to include a more suitable example (10, 8, 6, 5, 3)
  • Old Joker changed: the selected suit can no longer be repeated between rounds.
  • Swordsman changed: now adds sale value of all other jokers to Mult, not only to the jokers on the left.
  • Chad hanging changed: now re-triggers the first card played 2 times instead of once.
  • Changed pot: Now includes the base suit of weakened cards when determining if it will activate.
  • Changed the starts to include the current multiple bonus in the description.
  • Changed the 4 sinful jokers (one for each suit): now each one gives +3 mult per suit instead of +4 mult.
  • Changed banner: now gives +30 tokens per remaining discard instead of +40 tokens.
  • Changed Fibonacci: costs $ 8 instead of $ 7, because Fibonacci
  • Changed Steel Joker: now grants X0.2 mult per Steel card in full deck instead of X0.25 mult.
  • Changed Odd Todd: now grants +31 tokens per odd rank card instead of +30 tokens.
  • Changed Sixth sense: now rare and $ 6, was rare.
  • Changed Excursionist: now awards +5 tokens to each score card played instead of +4 tokens.
  • Gros Michel changed: now has a 1 in 6 chance of becoming extinct instead of 1 in 4.
  • Changed s茅ance: now rare and $ 6, was rare and $ 7.
  • Riff-Raff changed: now $ 6, before $ 4
  • Vagabond changed
    • Rare, was uncommon
    • $8, before $6
    • Applies when you have $4 or less, before $3 or less
  • Cloud 9 changed: now $7, previously $6
  • Mail reimbursement changed: now $5 was $3
  • Reserved parking changed: now common, used to be uncommon
  • Lucky cat changed: now you get X0.25 per lucky proc, instead of X0.2.
  • Collectible card changed: now costs $ 6, before $ 5
  • Changed Fire: Now you get X0,25 per sold card, instead of X0,5.
  • Smiley Face changed: Now awards +5 mult per figure card, instead of +4 mult.
  • Changed Golden ticket: now pays $ 4 per golden card played, before $ 3
  • Changed Hematital: Now has a 1 in 2 chance of activating, instead of 1 in 3.
  • Changed Onyx agate: Now grants +7 mult per club card, instead of +8 mult.
  • Changed Crystal Joker: Now grants X0.75 penalty for each crystal card destroyed, instead of 0.5 penalty.
  • Changed Specialist: Now grants +250 tokens, instead of +300.
  • Changed Invisible Joker: now requires 2 rounds and costs $ 8, before 3 rounds and $ 10.
  • Changed: Joker burned: now rare, was rare
  • Changed wording of most scale jokers to refer to “this joker”.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to skip when opening a booster pack with a hand size of 0.
  • Fixed a bug where the card generated by “Certificate” was not weakened by the boss.