Assassin&;s Creed Red: New leaks about the game&;s mechanics

Assassin&;s Creed Red is the next big title in Ubisoft&;s AC game franchise, and the truth is that some rumors and specifications have been leaking these days regarding the mechanics that we will be able to enjoy in the title.

According to the latest rumors, Assassin&;s Creed Red will copy the combat system of Valhalla, only that it will have an extra dismemberment, more blood and the animations will be more fluid. We will also be able to build a settlement called &;Hideout&;.

We will be able to choose its location, interior and exterior design and much more. The game is also being developed with a new version of the Anvil graphics engine. So for all fans of the saga, it looks like we will have an amazing title on our hands.

And the game will be set in Japan.

These will be its characters: