Arlecchino of Genshin Impact: All the details

Full details of Arlecchino’ s kit in Genshin Impact, including stats, skills and talents, have been leaked, providing a detailed look at his potential. The leak, shared by Kovak, reveals that Arlecchino is a Pyro character with a wide range of abilities. Including normal attacks, elemental and ultimate abilities, as well as unique talents and constellations that enhance his combat performance.

According to the leak, Arlecchino possesses impressive stats, with a max level of 90 and a set of attributes that make him formidable on the battlefield. His skill kit includes normal attacks that convert to Pyro damage when his “Vital Pact” reaches a certain threshold, an elemental ability that deals Pyro damage to multiple enemies, and an ultimate ability that summons the Wings of “Eclipsed Bloodfire” and provides an additional “Vital Pact.”

In addition to his basic abilities, Arlecchino has unique talents that grant him additional benefits in combat, such as the ability to regain “Vital Pact” when defeating enemies affected by “Blood Debt” and increase his elemental and physical resistance based on his attack. Their constellations also offer significant improvements. Such as the ability to grant additional “Vital Pact” when using his ultimate ability and increase the damage of his elemental abilities.

As for his weapon, Arlecchino has a unique weapon that complements his abilities. Granting an additional “Vital Pact” with certain frequency and increasing his damage inflicted when he has an active “Vital Pact”. With these features, Arlecchino promises to be a versatile and powerful character in the world of Genshin Impact.