Ara: History Untold confirmed for release later this year


Strategy lovers are always looking for new games that allow them to diversify the experience and, regarding those 4X strategy games, yesterday we had new information about Oxide Interactive&;s game. It is confirmed that Ara: History Untold will be released by the end of the year, but besides that they were quite extensive in presenting what kind of experience players will find in this new strategy proposal.

Throughout the Xbox Developer Direct, the studio had its moment of glory offering a broader than usual glimpse of its strategy proposal, which is so reminiscent of other great proposals such as Civilization or Humankind. But, as we said, new studios, new ideas and new experiences define these products and we saw a very interesting title. We leave you with the video that gathers all this information published by Oxide&;s official channel.

Ara: History Untold is confirmed to be released at the end of the year to offer a new strategy experience.

The truth is that what we saw during the event left a very good taste in our mouths. Once again we find a game where players will advance through history and make decisions to expand their civilization. But among the changes that have been presented for Ara: History Untold, there are some new features such as those related to a procedural and dynamic environment, as well as the Prestige system .

Each player will be able to make decisions and these will grant that prestige. From military actions to scientific advances, it is not about limiting the player&;s options, even, certain iconic monuments are established based on real references. And speaking of this, one of the most striking issues may be the one that refers to the ability to edit and customize the architectural style of our culture.

Another novelty would be in how shifts are managed. And if there can be something tedious in some cases, it is when it is time to change the shift and it takes a while. Ara: History Untold offers a novelty in this area, since all players will play simultaneously, even the AI. It is something that can give an interesting dynamism to the proposal, being a game that, as they showed, has a strong feedback from users who are collaborating with the development. In fact, that Insider program will not conclude with the launch of the game. It is anticipated that it may be beneficial for later updates.

Se confirma que Ara: History Untold verá la luz a finales de año

Now, what may be more interesting is that it is confirmed that Ara: History Untold will see the light of day by the end of the year. No date has been given, pointing to autumn 2024 as a target. Ara: History Untold will come to PC and will be available on PC Game Pass from day one.