Apple removes Epic Games’ developer account: Fortnite’s farewell from the App Store may be close at hand

Apple removes Epic Games’ developer account. iPhone and Fortnite, a complicated relationship like few others. Apple will have to face sanctions and regulatory bodies these months after its suspicious actions against Epic Games. The reason: Apple has removed Epic Games ‘ developer account and the company will not be able to bring back Fortnite to Europe.

This is a clear violation of EU digital markets law. Epic Games for its part, and following this dramatic turn of events, has commented that it will continue to fight to return to Apple’s iOS system in the future.

Fortnite is currently not available on the App Store, and it seems that this time we would be talking about a definitive goodbye….

Here’s what’s known after Apple removes Epic Games’ developer account:

The truth is that this situation is surprising, after just a few weeks ago, justice was pronounced in favor of Epic Games, and the company was able to resume its efforts to return to include Fortnite in the Apple store.

Now the case rests in the hands of regulators and agencies of the European Union, in the absence of a final verdict, the return of Fortnite to Apple devices seems more distant every day. Did you expect something like this?