Apple applies a 27% fee when using third-party payment platforms to developers

In response to the lawsuit by Epic GamesApple was forced to allow third-party payments on the App Store. However, the company imposed a new 27% fee for purchases made through external links. Although Apple already allows developers to offer their own payment systems through the ‘StoreKit External Purchase Link API’, the company warns users about the privacy and security of purchases made outside the App Store.

This measure seeks to avoid the high commission that Apple applies in its app store, which was the focal point of the dispute with Epic Games. Now, developers can redirect users to their own websites, offering “special offers” or “prices up to X% lower on the web”. However, Apple will charge a 27% commission on purchases made in the first 7 days after clicking the link, decreasing to 12% in the second year of subscription for small businesses.

Apple aplica un 27% de comisi贸n al usar plataformas de pago externas a desarrolladores

In addition, Apple will require monthly transaction reports, even if there are no transactions, and will return the invoice once payment is received. If developers do not pay the fee, Apple reserves the right to remove the app from the App Store.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has criticized this new fee, calling it “anti-competitive.” He claims that the company dictates all aspects of linking, making the shopping experience more difficult for users, while its own paid service remains more accessible. Epic Games plans to take Apple to court again, continuing the long-running legal battle between the two companies.