Apex Legends will make major adjustments to ranked mode in season 19


The popular video game Apex Legends is preparing for a new season full of new features and challenges. Among them are major adjustments to the ranked mode in season 19, which will affect the way players move up the ranks. These changes aim to balance the difficulty and reward of the promotional tests, which are additional objectives that must be met to advance to the next level.

Promotional trials were introduced in Apex Legends Season 18, with the intention of improving the quality of matchmaking and preventing players from leveling up without having the right level. However, many players complained that the tests were too demanding and frustrating, requiring them to win a game or achieve multiple top 5 results, in addition to accumulating the required Legend Points (LP).

Apex Legends to make major adjustments to Ranked mode in Season 19

In the face of criticism from the community, Respawn Entertainment has decided to make some adjustments to the promotional events for Apex Legends season 19. As announced by the studio in a tweet, players who have already reached enough PLs to rank up will only have to achieve one result in the top 5, instead of several, to complete the trial. This will apply up to Diamond rank, as thereafter there are no alternative objectives and the requirement to win a match remains.

With this measure, from Respawn Entertainment intend to facilitate the progress of players and reduce the pressure of promotional tests. However, not all fans are satisfied with this solution, and some continue to call for the complete elimination of promotional tests, as they consider that they encourage a style of play that is too passive and uncooperative. Others, on the other hand, prefer a return to Apex Legends season 13’s ranking system, which was simpler and more straightforward.

Be that as it may, what is certain is that Apex Legends Season 19 is proving to be very interesting and exciting, with new characters, weapons, maps and game modes. Players will have to adapt to the changes and demonstrate their skill and strategy to reach the highest ranks and get the best rewards. Are you up for the challenge?