Android Auto 11.0 and the new icons coming to your phone

Android Auto 11.0 is about to land on several mobile devices, and as is common in this type of technological innovations, they come loaded with new emoticons and features that can surprise us and get the maximum potential of our phones. The Android Auto version is perfect for driving.

The biggest change that comes with Android Auto lies in the appearance of emoticons, so the mythical circular icons will now change and take diverse and totally new aspects. In Samsung cell phones will appear with semicircular edges, with rectangular shapes. It may be that the update is not yet available, do not worry, you will have to wait a couple of days for it to be enabled, if this is the case.

Android Auto 11.0 y los iconos nuevos que llegan a tu móvil

There is no way to modify the shape of the icons at the moment, although it would not be surprising if in the future they provide us with a tool or option to customize this appearance. Apart from this change, no notable new features have been found, so it seems that for the moment the change in Android Auto 11.0 is purely aesthetic.

We recommend you to update to the new version, as new compatibilities with Google, technical improvements and various security features are always applied. Although if you do not want to take the step to update, you can always wait a few days or weeks until new patches and more detailed changes are released.