AMD and NVIDIA run side-by-side on one computer with amazing results

PC hardware is complex and very deep to understand technically. AMD and NVIDIA have risen over the years as the leading brands in providing the best graphics and processors for our computers. Likewise, their embedded software has delighted millions of gamers over the years.

And as usual, the PC community tends to be one of the most curious when it comes to experiments and wanting to push devices to the maximum in a safe testing environment. Such has been the case of a PC that has managed to run an AMD and NVIDIA card at the same time. A documented feat that has left an incredible result worth analyzing.

AMD y NVIDIA funcionan a la vez en un ordenador y con asombrosos resultados

When reading AMD and an NVIDIA graphics card, any connoisseur of the world of technology and computers will know that these are two companies competing with each other for the main technological advances in the world of PC gaming. And anyone would think that this would make it impossible for both graphics cards to coexist in the same device.

The experiment between AMD and NVIDIA

AMD y NVIDIA funcionan a la vez en un ordenador y con asombrosos resultados

It&;s something that no one would think we would see, but NVIDIA&;s graphics together with one from AMD has yielded extremely positive results. The truth is that it has been something extremely curious to see. Since this experiment wanted to put into practice what happens in a game when combining the qualities of an NVIDIA graphics with an AMD one. An experiment that we could replicate if we have a card of each brand. In WCCFtech, they have explained everything in detail:

  • We will have to have a suitable motherboard on which to build the rest of the architecture of our computer.
  • The PCIe ports have to be arranged in such a way that we can connect both graphics cards.
  • NVIDIA&;s DLSS 3 was combined with AMD&;s &;Fluid Motion Frames&;.

Resulting in the following:

Source: QuasarZone

By combining both graphics modes it was found that performance in Cyberpunk increased exponentially while graphics quality was barely affected. However, in other titles such as Starfield, the tests reflected a higher performance but impoverished the image too much.

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