Age of Empires Mobile with new gameplay, release date and more details

Age of Empires Mobile is the new mobile strategy title that is sweeping its field. In fact, you can already sign up to pre-register for its testing phase. Age of Empires is one of the most legendary strategy sagas in the history of PC and mobile games.

And it seems that soon we will be able to enjoy a new game that adds to the franchise. In fact we have recently been able to see a new gameplay (after quite some time since the official announcement of the game), and some interesting details that are worth commenting on:

The game will have a big emphasis on multiplayer, as it is in the end one of the aspects that is most enhanced in mobile games. So if you are a veteran of the Age of Empires saga perhaps this title is not quite for you.

In fact there are many criticisms around this installment by the most veteran fans, and in fact they are justified. Although that does not mean that we have to at least give the title the opportunity to show us how its gameplay will be, some mechanics and how we can enjoy it on our smartphone.

The game would be available throughout 2024.