After its success on Steam, Terra Invicta comes to PC Game Pass under the Game Preview program.


Terra Invicta, for strategy, management and exploration lovers.

The game takes place on two main fronts: Earth and outer space. On Earth, players investigate the alien threat, interact with other human factions and fight for political and military control in a world divided and desperate for imminent invasion. Geopolitics plays a crucial role, as diplomatic and military strategies must be used to forge alliances, trigger conflicts and expand their influence in key regions of the world.

In outer space, players direct human exploration and expansion beyond the home planet, establishing bases, building spacecraft and competing for resources in a dynamic solar system with more than 300 constantly moving asteroids, moons and planets. Ship design is based on scientific speculation and rigorous science fiction, allowing you to customize and equip your fleets with a variety of weapons and technologies to deal with the alien threat.

The gameplay also features physics-based tactical combat, where inertia and maneuvering are as important as ship firepower. Players must make strategic and tactical decisions while facing random events, challenges and ethical dilemmas that arise during their fight for the survival of humanity. In addition, Terra Invicta’s design supports community-created mods, allowing users to customize and expand the game experience according to their preferences.

Terra Invicta will be available throughout the day on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.