Activision “spies” on our conversations in Call of Duty, and the community hasn’t reacted well.


Last January, Activision announced a decision that would change the future of the Call of Duty saga. The company confirmed that they would implement a new behavior control system, designed to prevent toxic behavior by players, something that has always been a problem in multiplayer games in general, and in the company’s shooter in particular.

This new system works through artificial intelligence, and its objective was none other than to moderate the voice chat of the games. However, the community has received news regarding its operation, and it has not gone down well. Apparently, as they have detailed through Reddit, this new system affects all our conversations in Call of Duty, even those that are not public.

La nueva actualizaci贸n de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 se pone seria contra las conductas t贸xicas: as铆 cambia el juego a partir de ahora

The behavioral control system affects all our conversations in Call of Duty

According to the user himself, “I was playing last night with a couple of friends. Me and one of my buddies got a chat ban later, right after we disconnected. In both cases it was a three day suspension. I’m not sure what we said during the night, but my problem with this is that it was just the three of us in a private group. I can understand the need to moderate public groups because of the need to create a safe ecosystem or whatever, but when you start policing conversations in private groups you’ve gone too far.”

At the moment, Activision has not commented on this situation. However, everything seems to indicate that the implementation of the new moderation system has reached the entire game chat, with no exceptions made in private groups. It is something that makes no sense, since in many occasions we can drop rude comments in an ironic way against a friend, without it being a toxic reaction, which is what the new system is intended to avoid.

We will have to see how it evolves, but for now you should be careful about what you say in your voice chats, even in private ones. Especially since, in addition to English, Portuguese and Spanish are languages supported by this system.