According to an insider, Xbox’s gaming roadmap would be packed for the next 15 years


At the end of the year, we always take stock of what the year has brought, even what is to come next year. A great year that is leaving and a year full of hopes that enters but, according to some, the roadmap of Xbox games would be full for the next 15 years. And, if there is a big infrastructure in this video game industry, it’s Xbox.

In the latest XboxEra podcast, some of those names that always appear in front of the great curtain of rumors and speculations, such as Jeff Grub or Shpeshal Nick, have gathered, where they have put on record their “knowledge” and have dropped a bombshell in the form of a headline. There are plans on the part of Xbox for a while.

The roadmap of Xbox games would be full for the next 15 years, but without giving too many details.

But if there is something that, even at this stage is not known, is that within these plans there are more than 60 studios working on games. Some of them, we have been waiting years for them. On the other hand, some of those plans include several games that, obviously, will succeed the ones they are developing now. In other words, if we look at what one of these studios can do in 15 years, it is not out of the question that more than one game will be planned .

The funniest thing of all is that, without counting the officially confirmed games, these people who are associated with the information in the unofficial part of the industry, claim to know without offering any clue as to why they know. However, the phrase has remained there specifying that the roadmap of Xbox games would be full for the next 15 years. That is, as they are handling the information and projects that would be underway, there would be projects to fill a roadmap with four releases a year for 15 years .

But as we said, it is not known for sure what will arrive in 2024 and the titles or projects that could be added to the Xbox catalog is quite extensive. Starting with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Hellblade 2 or Avowed, continuing with Towerborne, Ara: History Untold, STAKER 2, it is speculated that Fable or South of Midnight could also be added to the catalog of games that would arrive in 2024. There is a lot of talk about how Xbox Game Studios would have grown to be able to consider splitting into several groups for various projects. And this is why it is easy to associate several projects with pseudonyms to any studio to evaluate the potential of their ideas.

In many occasions it is possible to list an endless number of projects, which should not transcend to the public because they are excessively conceptual. Sketches that may not be developed, and above all, that should not be developed to launch anything anyway, despite the intention of Xbox not to be a limit to creativity. But it does seem optimal to have this approach so that when a work is completed, resources can be diverted to something that is already well defined on paper.

Seg├║n un insider, la hoja de ruta de juegos de Xbox estar├şa repleta para los pr├│ximos 15 a├▒os

And right now, no one can deny that Xbox has a plan for the future that can be maintained with solid projects for up to 15 years, let alone 25, or 35. Because it doesn’t depend so much on the projects and forecasts, but on the fact that over time those projects materialize. And, despite the great infrastructure they have, which has grown significantly this year, it seems illogical to take for granted something that is just a pseudonym that is whispered around Microsoft’s offices. Time to time, memory is usually very volatile for things that are said, and not fulfilled.