A secret discovered in a map of Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the acclaimed open-world game, continues to reveal surprises even after its players have put countless hours into it. Recently, an intrepid player has unearthed a secret that remained hidden in the game’s Midlands for more than 300 hours.

Through the Reddit forums, user menjagorkarinte shared his amazing find. It turns out that on a mountaintop map in Elden Ring, tiny giants appear. These giants, barely noticeable, have gone unnoticed by most players. But what is most intriguing is their scale: when approaching one of these tiny giants, the player realizes that it is the size of his toe. And even more surprising, these tiny giants are the size of the toes of giants buried throughout the Caelid region and mountain tops.

After 300+ hours I only now noticed the tiny giants on the mountaintop map
byu/menjagorkarinte inEldenring

This hidden detail raises fascinating questions: Why are these tiny giants present on the map? What role do they play in the story of Elden Ring? Are there more secrets waiting to be discovered in the vast expanses of the game?

As players continue to explore the world of the acclaimed video game, the anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is coming. Scheduled to land on June 21, this expansion promises to take the experience to new heights. Will it include more intriguing details like tiny giants? Only time will tell.