A new Tokyo Ghoul log makes us dream of an anime remake

A new record of Tokyo Ghoul has raised suspicions among the community that we may be seeing a remake of the anime soon. A few weeks ago we gave you some important information about it, but it seems that we have new updates about it.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most beloved works by fans of the anime and manga world. In fact, among the options that are being raised with the new registration we can appreciate different productions or works that end up finally arriving to make the community fall in love again with Ishida‘s work.

  1. We may well be talking about a new episode of the anime, something like a special for the tenth anniversary of the saga.
  2. An announcement of a new Tokyo Ghoul video game.
  3. A secret project unrelated to any of the previous proposals.

Be that as it may, it seems that this information has been leaked by a Chinese network, associated with a well-known leaker within the world.