9 minutes of gameplay of Judas, the new from the creator of BioShock


It’s been more than a decade since BioShock Infinite was released, the last installment of Irrational Games’ saga and also Ken Levine’s last video game. Until now. And is that although we have known for years the name of Judas, the title has been shown very little over time. Last February reappeared with an incredible trailer focused on its story and now we have more news.

And it is that today 9 minutes of gameplay of Judas, the new from the creator of BioShock that comes from the hand of his new studio, Ghost Story Games, have been published. Although it is a new franchise, Ken Levine does not hide that his new work is full of similarities with BioShock and, to some extent, acts as its spiritual successor.

9 minutes of Judas gameplay

Just above these lines you’ll find a video shared by Geoff Keighley, journalist, presenter and organizer of The Game Awards, in which he talks about his feelings after playing more than five hours of Judas. In addition to his thoughts and impressions, the nine-minute video is full of fragments of gameplay and unreleased cinematics that immerse us fully in the first video game from Ghost Story Games and that comes stomping.

This is what Keighley has explained through the tweet in which he has given way to the video: “A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to play five hours to Judas, the next game of BioShock creator Ken Levine. Here are my feelings about what Ken has been working on for the last decade, a rich story-driven game with a flexible narrative and characters that feel alive as you play.”

Despite how advanced the game looks, the truth is that so far there has only been talk of “in development” and not even an approximate release date has been given yet. We don’t know if Judas will arrive in 2024, 2025 or later, but what is clear is that it looks tremendous and it makes it clear every time it reappears with new materials. We will keep a close eye on him.