19 free PC games for a limited time and forever: Claim these indies here

These free PC games are recently counting on a great popularity, mainly among PC gamers, who are seeing every day how new opportunities arise to enjoy unique and original titles for free.

Steam has left us with a few examples of these limited-time free games that we can get forever in our library, and Epic Games Store the same with its weekly free game promotions.

But the PC gaming ecosystem is not just about Steam and Epic Games, as Itch.io’s platform also has a lot to say in the realm of free PC games. In fact, we’ve received a total of 19 free games to claim for a limited time:

If you want to claim them you will have to:

  1. Access the Ich.io platform which shows us a catalog of amazing indie games.
  2. Claim each of these games by accessing through the links we have left you.
  3. Once you claim them, you will be able to have them forever available on PC.
  4. Many of these games can be supported voluntarily on the platform, so you can always invest some money if you really like one of the games.

Proposals for totally free indie games should always be listened to, and offering a direct window to these titles is always a priority.